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Wood Burner Stove Glass

NeoCeram® & Robax™ Glass Replacement Fire & Stove Glass

If you are looking at replacing the glass on your woodstove, we specialize in providing wood stove glass doors tailored to your specifications.
our in-house cutting service enables us to supply stove glass to suit all stoves without delay. We cut stove glass square, round, 5 sided or curved top to suit your stove.Based in our Factory in Skeoge Business Park, Derry City, we supply new stove glass right across northern ireland. 
We stock both Robax and  NeoCeram® glass, 4mm ceramic glass  that can tolerate exceptionally high temperatures and maintain high thermal  shock resistance.
ROBAX® is designed to operate at temperatures ranging from minus 400F. to plus 1400F. It can be tested from fire to ice without breaking.  NeoCeram® can withstand extremely high temperatures, it is perfect for use on gas fireplaces where the fire is hotter than traditional fireplaces, or the glass is closer than four inches to the flames.

Typical Applications

  •  Wood Burner, Multifuel & Coal Stove Windows
  •  Wood & Gas Fireplace Doors
  •  High-intensity Light Covers
  •  Furnace Observation Windows
  •  Spark & Flame Guard panels.

Robax™  & NeoCeram Glass Benefits

  • Industry leading heat resistance
  • Zero thermal expansion
  • High heat permeability of the panels
  • Sizes of up to 1,954 x 1,100 mm
  • 4mm thicknesses

Custom Made To Measure Replacement Stove Glass

All of our glass is cut to order especially for you. This glass is in stock, readily available to cut to just about any size or shape, custom cut to your specifications in a variety of sizes and patterns for wood burning and coal or pellet stove high temperature glass doors/ vision windows. 

How to Order your new Replacement Stove glass

Stove Glass Cut On Site- While You Wait

The Glass Works, Skeoge Industrial Estate Beraghmore Road Derry City BT48 8SE

Call us +44 (0) 2871 357 555


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Robax™ Glass Replacement Fire & Stove Glass 

How to Order Replacement Stove Glass- Our in-house cutting facility means any size and shape can be quickly supplied to order.

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The Glass Works, Skeoge Industrial Estate Beraghmore Road Derry City BT48 8SE

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+44 (0) 2871 357 555

About us

One of Ireland oldest glaziers, A  family run business with care  for  customers at the  heart of our business. providing a comprehensive range of glass and glazing products, design and installation services; workshop facilities, as well as in-house installation and servicing teams. We are based in Derry City but have supplied and installed glass all over  Ireland. 

Our mission

Involved in all aspects of glazing, we are the region’s leading glazing provider.  Our drive to provide great service is reflected in our work.

Our staff are all time served accredited glaziers with vast experience to ensure that every job is completed to the highest standard. Your staff are here to help with any glass or glazing enquiry you may have.

Our offer

  • Care & Attention To Our Customers
  • Full Range of Glass Stock & Glazing Services
  • Cost Effective Experienced Trade Supplier

We are dedicated to providing a complete range of glazing products, installed by our in-house teams of experienced and qualified fitters.

Highest Quality Heat Resistant Glass or Stove Glass Wood-burning-stove Replacement Glass Northern Ireland

*************Notice**  Manufacturer Warranty:*********
Special order glass, ie; glass cut to customers specific requirements, is NON-REFUNDABLE.

There is no guarantee on any  of our heat resistant glass. It will break like normal glass if subjected to mechanical damage 

We cannot be held responsible for breaks due to improper/ in-error glass size calculations. – we highly recommend double checking your measurements against the mounting surface for 100% accuracy. 
Please note that all our stove glass which we supply is 4mm thick
We warrant to our immediate customers that the glass product ordered will meet certain standards and will be free from material and workmanship defects on the day of shipment.
we do not offer warranties on performance or customer use of the glass. How a customer handles, installs, and uses processes the glass product is solely the customer’s responsibility.
We cannot be held liable for breakage, damage, or failure of the product due to wrongful installation or if the glass pane is too tight and doesn’t allow for thermal expansion during operation of the heating appliance.
The Glass may craze or discolor when subjected to certain types of fuels. Do not use fire cement. Always use the correct rope seals.
Installation guidance:
Metal screws and mounting hardware also expand when exposed to high temperatures! To avoid damage to your glass when your appliance is in use, please do not over-tighten hardware.  The bolts or screws need to be finger tight only. We cannot be held responsible for breaks due to hardware that has been secured too firmly.
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