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New Double Glazing -Make Your Home Warm,Quiet And Extra Secure With Our New Double Glazed Windows.

In these days of energy cost awareness and high bills, energy-efficient windows offer householders cost savings on heating bills, improving your home and recoup your costs when you invest.

energy-efficient glazing incorporates coated (low-emissivity) glass to prevent heat escaping through the windows.  is a type of energy-efficient glass designed to prevent heat escaping through your windows to the cold outdoors. Low-e glass such as Pilkington K Glass™ has an invisible coating which dramatically reduces heat transfer and reflects interior heat back into your room.

This makes the windows highly thermally insulating hence improving the energy efficiency of your home and helping to save money on your heating bills.

Saving you money on your energy bills by keeping the heat inside your home.
Up to 20 percent of the home’s heat can be lost through its windows, particularly if they are poorly installed or single glazed. Over time, this can result in a substantial increase in the cost of heating your home by installing energy efficient windows.

Extras for added thermal qualities
Low E Glass – If required we can manufacture sealed units using a low-emissivity glass, Low-emissivity glass (or low-e glass as it is commonly referred to) is a type of energy-efficient glass designed to prevent heat escaping through your windows to the cold outdoors. 
Argon Gas Filled Units – Argon gas is a colourless, odourless, non flammable, non reactive, inert gas that if required is inserted into the cavity of a double glazed unit to reduce the heat conductance between panes, helping to keep heat in during the winter and out during the summer.
Warm Edge Spacer – Warm edge foam spacer bar uses a no-metal warm edge technology providing greater thermal qualities than the standard metal spacer bar.

One of the main problems of single glazed panels is the condensation, which can possibly result in the unhealthy formation of mould. By installing double glazing panels the condensation is highly reduced, especially when using Low E panes.

Noise pollution is a well known consequence of living in the modern world. Its effects on us can include stress, loss of sleep, reduced concentration and loss of enjoyment of your home. 

Most noise pollution enters homes via the windows and doors, making your home quieter with increased insulation which means less outside sound can enter with triple glazing installed the amount of acoustic pollution entering your home will drop extensively.

If the noise is very loud even when installed alongside double glazing. Then secondary glazing is the  choose to reducing noise pollution.

  • Improve the energy efficiency of your windows and help reduce your heating bills with our advanced soft coat sealed units. Promotes passive solar heat gain.
  • Less condensation – energy saving trust advice.
  • Low maintenance. care free.
  • More secure with robust security measures.
  • Reduces your carbon footprint by improving your energy efficiency.
  • Increase home value, as energy efficiency is a huge factor in house prices, it is important that your house is not left at a disadvantage. 

Seal Unit Options

Replacement Double Glazing Derry

Single glazed windows just don’t cut it when it comes to thermal efficiency, there are still many homes, tolerating the inefficiencies of single glazing that are characterised by poor heat retention and higher energy bills. Replacing single glazing with double glazing has an instant significant impact in your energy expenses at home. 

We can supply and fit into all types of windows and doors i.e. timber, aluminium and UPVC. If you fancy yourself as a bit of a handyman we also offer supply only double glazed units or single panes of glass including toughened, leaded units and Georgian bar units. All units are available in a variety of thicknesses and we can match the spacer bar to the unit that is being replaced.

Misted Up Double Glazing

Window Repairs, Is your window suffering from excess condensation or is it steaming up easily?

This is likely the result of a failed glazing unit. Your double glazed glass unit could be quickly remedied  by having your glass unit replaced by our competent engineers at an affordable price.

There is frequently no need to replace your current window frames, only the glazed unit within. Failed units are not only unattractive but they are less efficient.

If the sealed double glazing units. has misted between the two panes or one of the panes is broken you will need to have a new unit made. Missted failed double glazing because the seal has broken down and moist air has got in between the two pieces of glass. With the change in temperature, the moisture in the air condenses on the inside of the glass. 

Double Glazing Repairs / Broken Double Glazing 

We can solve any problems associated with double glazed window repairs. Whether your double glazed unit has misted up, the glass is broken, or the window will not shut properly, we’re here to help with your double glazing repairs.  

Why Choose APG as your Double Glazing Installation Company.

Having worked in the glass industry for well over 35 years we have a depth of knowledge that can help you in your home improvement of any size. we specialise in ALL ASPECTS of glass and glazing.

At All Purpose Glazing our ultimate goal is leaving all our customers more than satisfied. We ensure our glass is of the highest quality, meeting and exceeding all relevant Building and Energy rating regulations. All our products are custom manufactured on an individual basis to match your own personal requirements. 

We supply and installs a wide variety of glass and glazing
services right across Northern Ireland.  

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About us

One of Ireland oldest glaziers, A  family run business with care  for  customers at the  heart of our business. providing a comprehensive range of glass and glazing products, design and installation services; workshop facilities, as well as in-house installation and servicing teams. We are based in Derry City but have supplied and installed glass all over  Ireland. 

Our mission

Involved in all aspects of glazing, we are the region’s leading glazing provider.  Our drive to provide great service is reflected in our work.

Our staff are all time served accredited glaziers with vast experience to ensure that every job is completed to the highest standard. Your staff are here to help with any glass or glazing enquiry you may have.

Our offer

  • Care & Attention To Our Customers
  • Full Range of Glass Stock & Glazing Services
  • Cost Effective Experienced Trade Supplier

We are dedicated to providing a complete range of glazing products, installed by our in-house teams of experienced and qualified fitters.

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