APG are experts in glass and glazing.

We can help you, whether you’re looking for a single replacement pane for a greenhouse, to the latest range of coloured glass, perfect for splash-backs and we can design and install bespoke shower enclosures and doors.

We’ve got a huge range of obscure glass, so you’ll find just the right pattern and level of obscurity. Choose from one of the 16 different types shown below to find out more, or call our friendly sales team.

Replacement Glass Derry City

All Purpose Glazing offer a professional and reliable glass replacement service within Derry City right across  Northern Ireland and the surrounding counties of Donegal, Louth, Cavan, Monaghan, Sligo and Leitrim.

Wide Range Of Glass Stock Held- Glass Cut To Size. 

There are many different glasses available on the market today for all kinds of applications if by chance we do not have your order in stock, then we will use our trusted network of suppliers to ensure a fast and satisfactory delivery.

If you are not sure about your size requirements then give us a call and we will arrange for one of our fitters to call and measure for you. We will then contact you with our best price. Thus leaving you in peace to make your decision.

Glass in Derry City, Replacement Glass Northern Ireland

We offer a huge number of different types of glass so whatever your needs you can come to us with confidence.To speak to one of our team, please  Call us on 02871 357 444, or leave use a message to request a quote  and we’ll call you back

Glazing Products, Services & Processing

  •  4mm Low Iron
  •  6mm Low Iron
  •  10mm Low Iron
  •  4mm Low
  •  6mm Low
  •  8mm Low
  •  10mm Low
  •  6.4mm Acoustic Low E Laminated
  •  8.8mm Acoustic Low E Laminated
  •  6.4mm White Laminated
  •  6.4mm Bronze Laminated
  •  6.4mm Grey Laminated
  •  6.4mm Green Laminated
  •  10.8mm Grey Laminated
  •  6.4mm Low E Laminated
  •  6.8mm Low E Laminated
  •  8.8mm Low E Laminated
  •  4mm Colourlite
  •  6mm Colourlite
  •  8mm Colourlite
  •  10mm Colourlite
  •  12mm Colourlite
  •  15mm Colourlite
  •  19mm Colourlite
  •  4mm Patterned
  •  6mm Patterned
  •  4mm Oriel Collection
  •  4mm Satinova
  •  6mm Satinova
  •  8mm Satinova
  •  10mm Satinova
  •  4mm Green Tinted
  •  4mm Bronze Tinted
  •  4mm Grey Tinted
  •  6mm Green Tinted
  •  6mm Bronze Tinted
  •  6mm Grey Tinted
  •  6mm Blue Tinted
  •  10mm Bronze Tinted
  •  10mm Grey Toughened
  •  4mm Cool Lite ST150
  •  6mm Cool Lite ST150
  •  4mm Cool Lite ST150 Selfclean
  •  6mm Cool Lite ST150 Selfclean
  •  6mm Cool Lite SKN154
  •  6mm Cool Lite SKN174
  •  6mm Cool Lite SKN165
  •  8mm Cool Lite SKN165
  •  6mm Sunguard Neutral HP 60
  •  6mm Sunguard Super Neutral 40
  •  6mm Sunguard Super Neutral 51
  •  6mm Sunguard Super Neutral 62
  •  6mm Sunguard Super Neutral 70
  •  All Other Sunguard Ranges are Available
  •  4mm Selfclean
  •  6mm Selfclean

Clear Float Glass

  •  4mm Clear
  •  6mm Clear
  •  8mm Clear
  •  10mm Clear
  •  12mm Clear
  •  15mm Clear
  •  19mm Clear

Mirror Glass

  •  4mm Mirror
  •  6mm Mirror
  •  Safety Backed Mirror
  • Antique Mirror

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Safety Glass

  •  6.4mm Clear Laminated
  •  6.8mm Clear Laminated
     7mm Georgian Wire Rough Cast (30/0)
  •  6mm Georgian Wire Polished Plate (30/0)

Fire Resistant Glass

 7mm Pyrobelite (30/0
 12mm Pyrobelite (60/0)
 16mm Pyrobel (60/30)
 25mm Pyrobel (60/60)