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Quality Windows At Affordable Prices

We know it’s a big decision to replace your windows, whether it’s for added security, improved energy efficiency or carrying out renovations. New windows are an investment, and we’re here to ensure you make all the right decisions for your home. Double-glazed windows are a modern day essential and, alongside style, new windows improve energy efficiency and security.  We’ll help you design the perfect windows which will complement your home and make the most of your views whilst offering fantastic energy efficiency. Any design of window is available – if you can draw it, we can supply it!
Whether you are modernising with casement windows, restoring your home with timber sashes,we offer you exceptional quality. Our skilled team of engineers have decades of experience and will install your home improvements with utmost care and to the best standards.
From the first time we meet through to completing the job and beyond you can be confident that we will help you choose the best option for you and your home and are on hand to guide you through the process every step of the way. Being an expanding company we always offer you a bespoke service with a personal touch and any problems you may have will be dealt with quickly and efficiently by our expert team. We won’t leave you out in the cold.

Upvc Windows Product Performance

We have a comprehensive range of styles available in the widest possible choice of colours and woodgrain finishes to suit any project. Our energy-efficient, quality-assured windows meet the latest building regulations and offer long-life performance, with a guarantee for ten years.

All our windows are made to measure and our friendly sales team can help you to choose the perfect style, shape, colour and finish to enhance the look of your property – whether that is contemporary or traditional. We can accommodate virtually any bespoke design and can advise on the best solution for even the most complex installations.

Most people will already be familiar with the benefits that uPVC brings to the replacement window industry, such as increased energy efficiency, extra warmth, draught and sound proofing, not to mention long term durability and improved home security.

Made To Measure Full Range Of Modern Window Frames and Styles

We have a superb range of quality uPVC double glazed windows. With our choice of quality cottage, sash, tilt & turn, casement or bespoke double glazing, we have the right windows to suit your home and requirements.

Download Window Frame Profile Details

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Window Profile WER & Uvalue Chart

Window Advanced Features 

Energy Efficiency- Thermal performance.

We can advise you on the most energy efficient solution for your home. Our standard windows are A rated in energy efficiency, which will help you to save money on your energy bills at a time when prices are constantly rising. With the Energy Saving Trust estimating that up to 26% heat loss from homes is via poorly insulated windows, our A rated solutions easily justify our claims that they should be seen as an investment and not a cost.

And, if you want the optimum in energy efficiency, then we have a range of triple glazed windows available which are among the most efficient A Rated windows on the market in Northern Ireland.  

Frames & Glazing 

Frames are designed with multiple internal chambers within the profile system. Each chamber acts as a barrier against heat loss from inside the home and against cold air entering from outside, ensuring excellent thermal efficiency.

A++ Double and Triple Glazing Options-

Energy efficient glazing units feature energy reflecting glass as standard, which maximises heat gain by retaining interior warmth and transmitting solar energy from outside. Thermo spacer bars connect the glazing panes, helping to eliminate cold areas at the edge of the unit, reducing condensation.

Triple glazing 


U-values take into account all components of the window including the frame, glass and spacer bar; therefore the lower the U-value, the more energy efficient
the window.

Our double glazed windows offer U-values of 1.4 W/m2K as standard (‘A’ rating),

with the option to reduce the overall U-value to 1.2 W/m2K. By selecting the triple glazed windows, featuring Soft Coat Xtra and Argon gas, you can further reduce the whole window U-value to only 0.8 W/m2K. Camden windows are independently tested and certified, and exceed building regulation requirements for energy efficiency, which can be beneficial if renting or selling a property

Heat loss can be measured by either thermal transmittance or U-value. The lower the U-value, the better the thermal insulation. In 2006, Window Energy Ratings (or WERs) were introduced  for calculating the energy efficiency of different windows. Ratings are awarded from A+ to G, with an A+ rating indicating the highest levels of energy efficiency.

Current minimum building regulations require either ‘C’ rated windows or a ‘u’ value of 1.6 or lower. Make your home warmer by upgrading to an ‘A’ rated window or improve to a ‘u’ value. Windows play an integral role in creating an energy efficient home and situated in the right spot, they will help maintain a comfortable home, once installed our high-grade low emissivity windows will ensure your home stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Saving you money on your energy bills by keeping the heat inside your home.
Up to 20 percent of the home’s heat can be lost through its windows, particularly if they are poorly installed or single glazed. Over time, this can result in a substantial increase in the cost of heating your home. Installing energy efficient windows, or making the home improvement for replacing the glass with double glazing is great decision.

The uPVC casement windows we offer come fitted with high-quality locking systems as a standard. They have passed the PAS 24:2012 Enhanced Security Performance, giving a high level of protection.

Tough, robust and durable. Inliten frames are fully welded, internally beaded and steel reinforced for maximum strength, and because they are made to measure, structural integrity. These windows also have the Secured by Design accreditation awarded by the Association of Chief Police Officers. This is only awarded to fittings that offer the highest security options.

windows are also fitted with a high performance multi-point locking mechanism as standard, ensuring the highest levels of safety and security for your home. All window components and hardware are specifically selected and fitted to ensure ease of use and long term performance.

The security features aren’t just limited to protection from external threats. These uPVC casement windows also offer child restrictors that limit the opening of the windows.

These give additional safety to households with little children.

Burglars usually gain entry to your home through a window or door. So you’re windows security is high on the agenda. it’s important for you to select windows with adequate locking devices. You also need to think about the window itself – the frame must be of high quality and able to withstand hard knocks.

Windows offers the Espagnolette locking system, an extremely robust multi-point lock that offers exceptional security. When locked, your door or window will bolt itself into the top of the frame and the floor, as well as at the handle, giving it even structural strength throughout. Any would-be burglars would have to attack the lock at all points to gain entrance, delaying their attempts until the alarm is raised.

Durable & Sustainable
uPVC  windows offer the strength and durability of uPVC. This material is known to last for up to 35 years. As a result, these windows prove to be long-lasting.

Additionally, the material is 100% lead-free and recyclable. In fact, they can easily be recycled up to 10 times. This makes our uPVC casement windows the most sustainable option for trade customers and homeowners.

Home improvement that adds style/ character and value to your home

The days when all uPVC windows were white are long gone and we now offer a full range of woodgrain finishes including Rosewood, Irish Oak and Golden Oak from stock and even foiled colours such as Cream, Green, Grey or Black which match the texture and finish of timber windows but with all the inherent benefits of PVC. We offer a range of stylish double glazed and energy efficient window systems to compliment your home. All offer a high gloss finish, slim sight lines and the highest possible thermal and acoustic performance. Our uPVC window systems include; casement windows, bay windows, windows that tilt and turn and heritage style sliding sash windows. All of these styles no longer have to be just white, you can now choose colour windows.

Fully sculptured for enhanced visual appeal, windows are available in a vast range of styles, sizes and opening configurations, with the option of adding Georgian or Astrical bars for a more traditional appearance.

With many additional features such as decorative glass, clip-on Georgian bars, arched head inserts, and run-through sash horns, casement windows can be tailored to your specific requirements and are available in a range of finishes and colours

For maximum personalisation, our windows are available in a range of colour options, from authentic grain-effect foils to spray-painted RAL colours.

Window glazing available with 28mm double or 44 mm triple glazing

All our windows are made to measure our friendly sales team can help you to choose the perfect style, shape, colour and finish to enhance the look of your property – whether that is contemporary or traditional. We can accommodate virtually any bespoke design and can advise on the best solution for even the most complex installations.

Most people will already be familiar with the benefits that uPVC brings to the replacement window industry, offering exceptional levels of energy performance ensure you enjoy savings on home heating bills and reduced carbon emissions. For maximum performance, our high-performance triple glazed windows (fitted with Soft Coat Xtra glass and Argon gas) achieve whole window U-values as low as 0.8 w/m2K.

Noise Reduction
Quality glass and superior sound proof frames with noise suppressing argon gas sealed in the glazing cavity, produces outstanding noise reduction as standard through our range of double glazed windows.

Our standard laminated 6.4mm glass can offer you a 4 decibel reduction in noise layers, better than triple glazing. This could be the ideal solution for you if you just need a modest reduction in sound levels.

We also have specialist noise reduction glass available. This is a laminated glass with a PVB (polyvinyl butyral) interlayer that greatly reduces noise from one side of the window to the other. This product offers you a 10 decibel reduction in noise levels. This is a high quality, acoustic glass that reduces noise by reflecting it back to the source as well as absorbing it.

We can also have custom made units made using Acoustic Laminated glass or also enhance your windows with Secondary Glazing

Privacy- Textured patterned obscure glass for windows.

We stock the most popular and widely used range of Pilkington Textured Glass. Glass styles and options range from purely decorative differences to varying levels of obscurity and  privacy levels.

Decorative Glass options

Acoustic Glass Better Noise Reduction
Making your home quieter with increased insulation which means less outside sound can enter – ideal if you live near busy roads or schools.

Stained Glass- Encapsulated Double glazing

Replacing your old windows or doors with a more energy efficient alternative doesn’t mean that you have to lose any beautiful existing stained glass or compromise the character of your home in any way. It is possible for us to retain existing stained glass by encapsulating your original stained glass inside a double glazed unit, effectively making it triple glazed.

We are one of the only double glazing companies in the UK to employ in-house specialists dedicated to the restoration and enhancement of original stained glass. With over 30 years experience in this delicate art, we can offer you a unique and totally bespoke service.

If you wish to retain your original stained glass, or even have some made in the traditional way to fit into your new windows or doors, we will be happy to advise you. We also produce a wide range of copy-stains, bevels, and etched glass designs – all hand made to suit your individual requirements.


Our UPVC window frames are fully welded, are internally glazed, carrystainless steel friction stays and are re-enforced with galvanised steel and RCM (Recycled Composite Material) in accordance with Camden Group recommendations. Our double glazed windows, triple glazed windows go through more internal quality checks than any other window and door fabricator nationally. Our fabrication methods and the resulting product has been tried and tested for the past 30 years.

New Upvc Windows Features & Benefits

Casement Windows

Tailor-made to match your exact requirements. Our classic Casement Windows are extremely versatile and will complement every style of home, whether it’s modern or traditional and old or new. uPVC casement windows provide comfort and security, are long lasting and virtually maintenance free.

All of our casement windows are double glazed and sealed to provide superior insulation, helping to save you money on your gas and electricity bills and keep your home warm and cosy in the winter.

  • Inliten 60mm & 70mm profile systems
  • WER ‘A’ ratings with standard double glazing
  • Whole window U-values of 0.8 with triple glazing
  • Multi-point locking systems as standard
  • Range of opening configurations & styles available
  • Secure, stylish and durable product range


Tilt & Turn Windows

With their innovative hinge system, Tilt and Turn windows offer added safety and convenience features to the traditional casement window. Incredibly easy to operate, in the ‘Tilt Position’, the top tilts in towards the room to provide enhanced ventilation. In the ‘Turn Position’, the window opens inwards a full 90 degrees, making it suitable as a fire escape exit and also allowing the exterior of the window to be safely and easily cleaned from inside the house.

  • Inliten 70mm profile system
  • Features open-in and tilt-in facilities
  • Suitable as a fire escape exit
  • WER ‘A’ ratings with standard double glazing
  • Multi-point locking systems as standard
  • Secure, stylish and versatile product range

UPVC Sash windows

UPVC Sliding Sash Windows Supplied and Installed

Our latest range of sash windows uses specially designed steels to enable window sizes of up to 1600mm by 3000mm.

Multi-functional, durable and stunning, Vertical Sliders combine the aesthetic features of traditional sash windows with the benefits of modern PVCu materials.  from enhanced noise reduction, high energy efficiency and are easy to maintain, keeping your windows looking good throughout their lifetime.

Sliding Sash Windows

Mock Sash Windows  

Flush Sash windows 


Bespoke Custom Made Shaped UPVC Window Frames

Shaped UPVC Window Frames

If you live in a property which is unique and full of character you may need windows which don’t necessarily meet the usual dimensions. We can create bespoke uPVC windows which replicate your existing timber windows no matter what shape they are.

Our shaped window range allows for a combination of opening sashes and fixed panes, manufactured to your exact requirements. If you want a triangular window, we can do it; an arch, pentagon, or full circle, we have the skills and experience to meet even the most diverse requirements.

  • 70mm profile system
  • Manufactured to specific size & style requirements
  • Popular shapes inc: gothic arches & portholes
  • Range of decorative glass available
  • A unique addition to any house style

Why Choose APG as your windows installer in Derry

Having worked in the glass industry for well over 35 years we have a depth of knowledge that can help you in your home improvement of any size. we specialise in ALL ASPECTS of glass and glazing.

At All Purpose Glazing our ultimate goal is leaving all our customers more than satisfied. We ensure our glass is of the highest quality, meeting and exceeding all relevant Building and Energy rating regulations.

Our extensive product range includes double and triple glazed PVCu frames, residential doors, door panels, composite doors, patio doors, french doors and conservatories. Our customers demand the best and we strive to provide it through our commitment to quality.

We supply and installs a wide variety of glass and glazing  services right across Northern Ireland. 

From traditional casement windows to shaped frames; elegant vertical sliders to convenient and practical tilt and turn windows; super strong and high security double rebate composite doors to beautiful, outdoor living and space creating bi-folds, we offer a solution to every situation.

Every product is specially made to your requirements – size, style, colour, finish, configuration, ensuring customers get a world-class product that adds value to their home.

All our products are designed and manufactured to deliver superior energy efficiency, strength, durability and security, and come with unrivalled guarantees, giving you total peace of mind.

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About us

One of Ireland oldest glaziers, A  family run business with care  for  customers at the  heart of our business. providing a comprehensive range of glass and glazing products, design and installation services; workshop facilities, as well as in-house installation and servicing teams. We are based in Derry City but have supplied and installed glass all over  Ireland. 

Our mission

Involved in all aspects of glazing, we are the region’s leading glazing provider.  Our drive to provide great service is reflected in our work.

Our staff are all time served accredited glaziers with vast experience to ensure that every job is completed to the highest standard. Your staff are here to help with any glass or glazing enquiry you may have.

Our offer

  • Care & Attention To Our Customers
  • Full Range of Glass Stock & Glazing Services
  • Cost Effective Experienced Trade Supplier

We are dedicated to providing a complete range of glazing products, installed by our in-house teams of experienced and qualified fitters.

Wooden Windows

Wood has been the most reliable product for the window industry for centuries and whilst a lot of the wooden windows have now been replaced with upvc or aluminium, there is still a large demand for wooden windows. with  modern seals and mechanisms the wooden window system is just as draught and weather proof as any other window product.

Wooden Windows

Aluminium Windows

Improvements in the aluminium window industry mean that it can now rival Upvc in terms of thermal efficiency and whilst a little more expensive than upvc is now more affordable than ever. please contact our office to arrange for brochure with the complete range of styles and colour options available.


Aluminium Windows

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