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Art glass one of Ireland leading Stained Glass Studio

With over 35 years working in stained glass, Art Glass is  one ireland leading stained glass studios completing countless commissions all across the island of ireland.

Specialising in the conservation, restoration and design of stained glass. We carry out works to many of the great cathedrals, churches and country houses in the UK and beyond. We have expertise in the conservation of stained glass and plain glazing of all periods of glass from medieval to modern. Our talented and award winning designers produce designs to commission. We have designed and manufacture our own custom systems for Environmental Protective Glazing.


please check out our website for full information on services we can provide for you.

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Private commissionS in stained glass and decorative glass. 

Is website is aimed at members of the public that are looking for some unique beyoke glass. 

Each project is uniquely created by hand, and they manage the entire process from design through to installation. They specialize in traditional and contemporary glass painting and leading at the glassworks studio in Derry City.

Art glass works in partnership with the client, drawing inspiration from the brief, the building and the setting. to design and fabricate authentic stained glass to commission, have specialised in creating original works of glass art for places of worship, schools, hospitals, public buildings & private collections.

Art glass stained glass studio is highly acclaimed conservation and restoration studio with the skill, knowledge and experience to successfully ethically repair and restore heritage stained glass.

Our high standards throughout the years has ensured the continued and close association with our clients and conservation architects. 

Stained glass projects carried out by Art glass stained glass studio


Ecclesiastical and historical settings

Irish stained glass galleries

New Stained Glass Commissions

From large domestic window and door panels to small suncatchers, we create bespoke designs to suit your home, whether you require traditional or a more modern look.

We arrange several site meetings to discuss exactly what each client want to be incorporated into the design also it helps us to see the light conditions effecting the external and internal space which does influence the design process.

Once we have sufficient information we begin to draw up scale designs.

Smaller items using the same traditional lead and tinted glass techniques as the larger panels, make stained glass an affordable feature for any home. Perhaps you would like a piece of stained glass made as a gift. Please take a look at the Gallery for ideas.

Architectural stained glass

artist, designer and maker. Our work can be seen in a wide range of historic and contemporary buildings and includes commissions for churches, synagogues, hospitals and schools as well as for the home.

we aims to create stained glass that enhances and harmonises with its setting. The exploration of glass painting and the use of handmade and textured glass. 

the design and consultation allowed our clients to direct us to create many different styles with inspired by the natural world and often features careful drawing from life.

We offer a comprehensive service, from design through to installation for clients across the Derry city the norther west area and up and down the island of Ireland even exporting a 15 foot stained glass window to st Patrick’s cathedral in Auckland New Zealand


new commissions of decorative glass

The studio also design and create new stained glass windows for ecclesiastical buildings, historic buildings and private homes throughout the UK.

We undertake new stained glass commissions, working closely with our clients and providing a personal and tailored service throughout each project.

Each project is approached in a unique way to arrive at an original tailored response to the needs & requirements of the client, taking into account all the variables such as location, function of the space, available light, narrative & desired atmosphere to be created within the space.

Leadlight and stained glass windows are common in older buildings across Northern Ireland, whether they’re the elaborate pieces seen in churches, or the more simple designs found in Georgian style houses.

Leadlight windows are typically found in buildings from the Victorian and Edwardian eras. Constructed by skilled craftsmen, they were typically based around geometrical designs, which, like most home décor, varied according to fashion. Stained glass started becoming popular from about 1900, and it’s often a work of art in itself.

Traditional authentic Stained Glass

Stained Glass Restoration & Repairs

Our team of dedicated conservation professionals, specialise in the cleaning, repair and restoration of existing stained glass panels anon d are passionate passing on a craft tradition

Site visits are made to assess the work required. Sometimes in-situ repairs are possible or, if not, the panels are removed and repaired at the workshop.

Each repair is very site specific, and requires individual problem solving, sensitivity, and reassuring experience. The usual problems are due to thefts, lock-out / break ins, children & balls, drunken parties, domestic fires, insufficient support in doors, wind gusts, new owners and old neglect and accidental damage during renovations. 


Stained Glass Restoration.
We can restore any stained glass window back to it’s former glory.

we take on a wide range of restoration projects from small residential door and window glass to restorations of large Church and Cathedral stained glass windows.

We can repair any kind of stained glass window in-situ, or if required, we can completely remove the window for a complete overhaul where we can replace all perished material returning the window to its former glory and ready for another lifetime of service.

If we need to replace broken glass we carefully and painstakingly match class colour and texture ensuring that the replacement panel is indistinguishable from those that surround it.


Re-sizing and re-purposing

Salvaged stained glass panels can be re-sized to fit new framework, as an in-situ piece or as a movable ‘picture’ in a frame. Separate pieces of tinted glass can be re-sized and re-purposed in a new design.



Triple Glazing Encapsulating strained glass panels

We can also take old stained glass panels and place them inside highly advanced and discreet modern double glazed units. To the onlooker it looks just like a beautiful piece of old stained glass however in reality it is now, almost invisibly, part of a highly secure and highly energy efficient window. It’s an example of how Classic Stained Glass combines hard-won traditional skills and cutting edge technology to find innovative solutions to real problems. Rooms with lots of traditional stained glass don’t have to be cold and draughty, they can now be super insulated with the latest A-Rated windows without losing their traditional beauty.

Experts in Stained glass conservation and restoration

Expert Survey 

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We are dedicated to the preservation and conservation of our Stained Glass Heritage. We work on a wide range of projects and services specialising in the conservation, restoration and protection of stained glass

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Our work encompasses all aspects of the conservation process from the production of detailed condition reports and recommendations for conservation works for all scales of project, through site work and installation.

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We design, manufacture and install bespoke Environmental Protective Glazing Systems for vulnerable glass, internally or externally ventilated. We practice true conservation: our approach can be summarised as ‘As much as necessary, as little as possible’.

For more than 20 years, GlassArts has produced custom stained glass windows that are specially designed and crafted for each client.

GlassArts Design can create a concept for you, and custom-make an original piece based on traditional or modern designs. Our design service produces one-off, completely unique pieces – we never just replicate a stained glass window design from a book.

We’ll meet with you to discuss your ideas for your design, and after that we’ll put together a scaled concept drawing for you. We’ll assist you in choosing glass colours and textures, and then handcraft your unique piece, giving you plenty of opportunity to check its progress.

We also offer an installation service for your piece – and all you then need to do is admire it every day.

Protective Glazing Systems- Storm Glazing

we also provide a protection service that serves as a preventative measure to ensure the longevity of glass.

This service includes:

  • Wire Guards
  • Environmental Protective Glazing
  • isothermal Glazing
  • Storm glazing 

Stained glass repair

We specialise in onsite repairs for leadlight windows. Generally, your window is in sound condition with breaks in the glass.

Repairs are approached with an eye for detail when matching the colour and texture of your glass to ensure the repair is not noticeable.

When the damage is more complex & cannot be fixed onsite – we offer a rebuild service. This involves:

• Removing the window and securing the space with a security glaze.

• Rebuilding the window with new lead, retaining the original glass and replacing broken glass.

• Completing with a waterproofing process and then installation.


Contact our stained glass studio to get your glass repaired

To provide you with a speedy estimate, please email the following:

• An image of the window and damage.

• An approximate size of the break/s.

• The suburb the site is located in.

• Does access to the window require ladder work? Is there external or internal access?

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We provided a full range of stained glass services throughout Ireland, including:

Art Glass over the past thirty years has expanded and consolidated its position as one of the leading Stained Glass Studios on the island of Ireland. To learn more and go to the stained glass studio website 

Providing you a complete service form the design and Manufacture to the installation fot he finished article.

Each design is original and unique because of the special qualitiese of stained glass, create a kaleidscope of colours, changing through the day as it catches the sunlight.

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The Glass Works, Skeoge Industrial Estate Beraghmore Road Derry City BT48 8SE

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+44 (0) 2871 357 555

Art Glass

Derrys Original stained glass studio.

  • Traditional stained glass and leaded glazing specialists.
  • Decorative Domestic Commissions


All Purpose Glazing

Derry city’s leading glass processor and general glazing expert 

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