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uPVC Window Repairs 

Got damaged windows or misted double glazing?  check out our window repair page to contact us.

The worst possible thing you can do when you notice any issues with your existing double glazed windows is do nothing as it can cause you and your home further problems down the line, particularly from a financial perspective. It’s far more sensible to put in a call to our expert Window Repair Team who will come out to your house and do whatever they can to resolve any window-related problems quickly and efficiently at a cost you can afford. 


When double glazed Upvc windows hinges or handles stop working or malfunction in any way then you can sometimes simply replace the part – this can be a cheap option compared to replacing the whole unit.

Your window locks can fail for a great deal of different underlying reasons. Sometimes if the Upvc window lock mechanism has never been oiled or has worn down with age then you can have problems. 

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